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Starcodes Astro Oracle 56 Card Deck + Guidebook

"Look to the sky to see within"
Discover how to uncover patterns and receive messages from the universe with this intuitive divination tool created by a professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience, Heather Roan Robbins. Together with illustrator, Lucas Lua De Souza, these 56 deck cards are filled with planets and other celestial bodies, as well as zodiac signs. These cards also describe planetary placements and the relationships between them whilst delivering messages from the universe with each draw, deepening your knowledge of astrological terminology.

Tap into astrology's powerful archetypes and the influential relationships between celestial bodies as they move through the sky with this boldly illustrated oracle deck, whether you know your natal chart like the back of your hand or you simply like to check your horoscope. We hope you enjoy our creation.

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